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Wildlife Cam Case

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The Naturebytes Wildlife Cam Case is the perfect weatherproof housing to take your Raspberry Pi, camera and sensors outdoors.

Designed and made by tech and conservation experts in the UK, our robust case will protect your electronics from the elements.

It is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models, it has an IR Lens to optimise motion detection, a camera strap so you can set up your ideal wildlife shots or you can take advantage of the electronics mount, with space for additional sensors, power solutions and upgrades….and it looks awesome!

See the product description below for a full list of features - enjoy!

Note: This is the case only - no electronics included

Product Features: Wildlife Cam Case 

- Weatherproof (certified IP55)
- Electronics mount compatible with Raspberry Pi models (including all model A+, B, B, B+ and Zero models)
- Fresnel IR lens to optimise motion detection
- Clip and hinge opening for easy access to the Pi’s ports and internal components
- Nylon camera attachment strap for securing outside
- Can be secured with a padlock
- Fasteners and spacers for attaching electronics
- Rear cable access
- Rear attachments for modular upgrades
- No soldering required

This is the only IP-certified Raspberry Pi cam case that we know of!

Download assembly guides and software developed for the Wildlife Cam Kit from the naturebytes website.

What The Raspberry Pi Foundation has to say - "Naturebytes have made the best Pi camera we've come across"