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Global Climate Action Labs

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At the World Economic Forum, we launched the worlds first Climate Action Lab with the students of Davos.

The Climate Action Lab is a programme carefully curated to provide educators and students with the tech, tools, guides and a structured plan to create a programme of student lead activities to address the issues most important to them.

Students are trained in climate entrepreneurship, activism, communication and conservation tech to launch their own student lead Climate Action Lab.

The value of this initiative is best explained in the words of the student founders themselves - seen in the ‘mission statement’ image on the left.

To join the Climate Action Lab network get in touch for more info, prices and how to take part in the next events!



Climate Action Labs Can be run as special events with leading scientists, as part of the curriculum or run remotely as part of the naturebytes climate action network.

Contact our team to find our how you can join the climate action network - we're happy to help!


Topics and Modules include:

- You and your world - establishing our role and relationship with our natural environment

- Climate entrepreneurship - identifying and communicating your climate mission

- Climate tech and tools - hands-on with merging tech (AI), mobile (apps) and low-tech tools to sense the environment.

- Citizen Science - developing and implementing a citizen science plan for your student lead investigations

- Climate creativity - using the arts and creativity to develop novel ways to achieve your climate objective